Checking Into The Hospital/Admitting

Checking in is the first step of getting into the hospital. Where you check in will depend on what you are doing at the hospital and why you are there. Many patients go home the same day. If you are staying overnight, staff from Admitting will help you with this.

The Emergency Room


Some patients are feeling poorly and need help right away. Doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room are there to do just that. It is the fastest way to find out why you aren't feeling well and to decide what can be done to help you feel better.


Places in the Hospital

Your Hospital Room


If you need to stay overnight, you will be brought to your Hospital Room. It is meant for you to get rest there, get treatments that can help you feel better, and for hospital staff to work with you to feel better. This is meant to be a "home away from home," and often a parent can stay with you to keep you company. You can bring things from home to help you feel more comfortable during your stay. If you can eat, they even bring you food that you can eat in your room and bed!

Your Hospital Room is located in a Hospital Unit. After receiving permission to leave your Hospital Room, you can often walk around the Hospital Unit to see what is going on. Try to be quiet and respectful of other kids, since they are also patients and may not be feeling well.



Radiology involves looking at your body to see what is wrong. When doctors need to look inside your body, they use imaging to take a peek at what might be the problem. This can be done with X-rays (a form of "light" that penetrates the body), ultrasound (using sound waves), CT or CAT scans (more detailed look using X-rays), and MRI (using magnetic waves). Some tests like ultrasound can be done in your Hospital Room. For other imaging, you will be taken to the Radiology Department for this.

Treatment and Procedure Rooms

While medications can be given to you in your Hospital Room, sometimes a certain type of treatment or a procedure will help you and needs to be done in a special room. These Treatment or Procedure Rooms have special equipment and may be located near your Hospital Room or in other parts of the hospital.

Operating Rooms

Operating Room

Some patients need "surgery" to get better, and this is done in Operating Rooms. Anesthesia is what doctors give you to sleep and not feel anything during an operation. Surgeons are the doctors who operate to help you get better. Nurses and other staff are also there to support the doctors so that everything goes well during surgery.

Cafeteria / Food Court

Sometimes you want to get out of your Hospital Room, or your family wants to have a meal. Hospitals have cafeterias or food courts where food is prepared and served. This can give add variety to your meals.

Gift Shop

Ever want to buy something special? The Gift Shop is the place to do this. After receiving permission to leave your Hospital Unit, you may be able to visit the Gift Shop to see what they have there.